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Radio Academy to help drivers

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The cost of car insurance for those working both on and off-air in the radio industry has long been a bone of contention. Motor insurance companies love to put people into little categories and, if you work for a radio station, you are quite often treated unfairly. So why do they do it? Well the most popular answer given by those voices down the phone is that if you work in radio you may have someone ?famous? in the car.

So if you have an accident, they might be able to claim vast amounts for ruining or damaging their career. This amazing idea that everyone working in radio – whether nationally locally has the time to chauffur the cream of the entertainment world around all day is literally quite mad. This may have been the case 30 years ago when the world of radio was a much smaller business dealing with mostly national stations.

The Radio Academy is a membership based, non profit-making organisation that felt it was time to get a better car insurance deal for its members. ?Let?s face it, when getting a quote for car insurance there is always that question ?and what is your occupation?? There is usually a pause while you either, tell them you work in radio and wait for a extortionate price to come back, or you basically elaborate on what your job title is or even where you work. The latter is a cheaper option but can unfortunately invalidate your insurance cover.? So we decided to see if your Academy could help get a fair deal where your are not penalized just for working in radio,? said Anthony Ballard, Development Manager for the Academy

The Radio Academy has done a deal with a leading insurance company, Norwich Union, through a reliable and trusted broker, Oval Insurance Broking Limited. John Bradford, Director of the Academy said ?This is part of a number of initiatives and offers that we are undertaking throughout the year on behalf of our members. The Radio Academy does not only celebrate excellence, but also sees itself as providing a service to those working in radio.? The offer is one of several and follows the successful implementation of a radio industry job section introduced at the end of last year. It is available to members of the Radio Academy and combined with the membership promotional offer of ?18 per year it is hoped that members will get their membership fee back in savings on a fair insurance motor quote.

For more information contact John Bradford or Anthony Ballard on 020 7255 2024 alternatively email or

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