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DAB+ new standard for PURE

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DAB+, the new world standard in digital broadcasting, will be the new standard for all radio sets produced by PURE. The first PURE DAB+ sets, which uses improved coding for better quality, will be available at the end of 2007. DAB+ uses AAC technology rather than the current UK DAB standard MP2.

Thanks to [link=][/link] for bringing the following release from PURE to our attention:

PURE Digital, the world's largest manufacturer of DAB receivers, plans to have the first DAB+ ready (i.e. DAB+ upgradable) devices out in August or September 2007. DAB+ upgradable software should be available for the consumer at about the same time. The first DAB+ receiver (thus DAB+ enabled, no software upgrade necessary) will be finished by the end of 2007.

It is planned that approximately 80% of all new PURE devices will be either DAB+ ready or DAB+ enabled by the end of 2008; and a future goal is to only sell DAB+ capable radios starting in 2009. Further manufacturers have announced that their DAB/DMB products will be DAB+ upgradeable in the near future.

Since the status is varied from country to country, this process will take place rather quietly, especially in those markets already well advanced in DAB, thus holding at bay the risk of disconcerting consumers and destabilising the market by the innovations.


PURE Digital is planning to come out with DAB+ receivers in all price ranges
right from the start. DAB+ devices will most probably not cost over approximately 15 Euros more than current DAB receivers, and similarly, downloading a software upgrade should cost approximately 10-15 Euros.

The manufacturers are getting wise, with PURE, and now Revo and Onkyo all bringing out radio sets in the near future which are upgradeable. The first DAB+ set is already available in the UK (with Digital Radio Mondiale technology) from Morphy Richards priced at £149.99. Not much use at the moment, mind.

The only problem is that Ofcom are continuing to say DAB is the standard for digital radio in the UK, and have no plans to change this to DAB+. Maybe in time the manufacturers and public together will be able to convince them?

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