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The fight for exclusive podcasts: Will Amazon, Spotify, and Apple expand their catalogues?

by RadioToday UK
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Have you tapped into the podcast hype that has emerged in recent years?

If so, continue reading to familiarise yourself with the fight for exclusive podcasts.

In the past couple of years, podcasts have exploded in popularity to become one of the most widely consumed forms of media for consumers throughout the world. It has been the introduction of exclusive podcasts, however, that has led a growing number of listeners to question whether the medium’s current front-runners, Amazon, Spotify, and Apple, are likely to expand their existing catalogues.

To familiarise yourself with the fight for exclusive podcasts and to find out everything you need to know, continue reading.

The value of an exclusive podcast

If you are familiar with exclusive podcasts, you may also be familiar with the value of an exclusive podcast and, as a result, how much it can impact the popularity of a well-known podcasting platform. In April 2021, for example, Apple announced that it was introducing a paid podcast subscription service for its most active users in response to the rising trend of podcasting platforms cropping up left, right, and centre which inadvertently triggered a platform war amongst listeners in the podcast world.

This marked the first time that Apple, which had dominated the podcast market for years beforehand, had experienced strong opposition from its competitors seeking to command a greater chunk of what was, at the time, an increasingly fast-growing market.

The importance of exclusive content

In the podcast world, exclusive content is a great way to attract and retain loyal listeners that can be relied upon for consistent and dependable organic traffic and engagement.

This is also true in the global online casino world with certain games exclusive to certain online casinos and, therefore, successful at attracting and retaining loyal gamers that are highly likely to become loyal customers. Providers like Casumo design their catalogues in accordance with this basis.

If a particular podcasting platform, such as Amazon, Spotify, or Apple, manages to conquer a particular content creator or existing podcast, for example, both existing and brand-new fans will follow suit and, in doing so, become loyal to that particular podcasting platform.

The future of podcasting

It may still be riding on the high of one of its most successful and profitable years yet in 2020, but as consumer habits continue to change on a monthly basis, the future of podcasting remains somewhat unpredictable. It may, for example, continue to grow at an unprecedented rate with additional podcasting platforms emerging but whilst the current front-runners, in the form of Amazon, Spotify, and Apple, continue to dominate the fight for exclusive podcasts, there lies little to no room for any as of yet unknown or unfamiliar podcasting platforms to rise to the top of the pile and not only claim victory but also convince existing fans to alter their listening habits by placing their trust in an alternative or independent platform.

In recent years, Amazon, Spotify, and Apple have largely dominated the global podcasting landscape and, in doing so, have bolstered the ongoing fight for exclusive podcasts. By taking a look at the value of an exclusive podcast, the importance of exclusive content, and the future of podcasting, however, it becomes clear that whilst these front-runners may be keen to expand their existing catalogues with exclusive content that is unavailable elsewhere, a clear winner is unlikely to emerge any time soon.

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